Warm Takes - Episode 3: Pedicures

On my 35th birthday my partner surprised me with a pedicure. I hadn't had a pedicure in almost 15 years. The first time I ever received the pampering of an esthetician was with an old college roommate. She invited me out since none of her gal pals could make the date. I'd never been too manly to get a pedicure, just too focused on spending any hard earn cash on beer runs and video games. But, I will never forget how surprised every one else in the chairs next to me was that I'd willingly take part in the ritual. I was the only guy in the building and judging from their reactions, it wasn't a common experience. I'm a bit of a gabber and ended up having some enjoyable conversations with the middle-aged women next to me. I remember thinking at the time, what a missed opportunity it was that the idea of taking part in pedicures and pampering was seemingly lost on most young men.

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